Best way to lock Applications on iPhone with Face ID or Passcode

Everyone faces application lock problems in their life at some point, and I was no exception when I switched to an iPhone. I wanted to lock my personal applications like the Photos app and social media apps such as Tinder, and didn’t want others to open them without my consent. I tried almost all the solutions available on the internet, but nothing worked except one solution that worked like a miracle.

Through my entire journey of trying to lock applications on iPhone, I tried almost five methods, including the screen time method, paid app lock applications, and many more. But finally, I found one solution that genuinely works and is absolutely free. Using this solution, you can lock any app you want in your iPhone with a passcode or FaceID.

It’s a simple and effective way to lock applications on your iPhone, and it genuinely works.Just follow the steps, and you’ll be able to lock your applications easily.

Step 1: Open shortcuts app

The first step is to open the Shortcuts application on your iPhone. If you don’t have the Shortcuts app, you can download it from the App Store for free. Once you open the app, click on “Automation” at the bottom of the screen. Then, click on “Create Personal Automation” to open the new automation screen.

Step 2: create personal automation

On the new automation screen, scroll down and click on “App Tab with arrow icon”. Then, click on “Choose” to select the applications you want to lock. You can select multiple applications at once, such as Photos app, Camera app, YouTube app, and many more. After selecting the applications, click on the “Done” button on the upper right side.

Step 3: add action in automations

Click on “Next” on the upper right side and make sure that “Is Opened” is selected. Then, on action screen click on “Add Action” and search for “Start Timer.” Click on the “Clock” icon with “Start Timer” text to add the action.

Step 4: add timer of 1 second

Now, on the action screen, set the start timer for 1 second. Click on “5” and set it to “1.” Click on “Minutes” and set it to “Seconds.” Then, click on “Next” on the upper right side.

Step 5: turn off ask before running

On the new automation title screen, turn off “Ask Before Running” and make sure that “Notify When Run” is also off. Click on the “Done” button on the upper right corner.

Step 6: open clock app and go to timer set stop playing

Open the Clock application and click on the bottom “Timer” tab. Then, click on “When Timer Ends” and scroll down to select “Stop Playing.” Click on “Set” on the upper right corner.

Step 7: Successfully implemented

Congratulations! You have successfully implemented an application lock on your iPhone. 

Testing application lock in iPhone

To test it, open the application you selected in the Shortcuts app and try to open it. You’ll see that the application will be locked automatically after 1 second of use. To unlock your iPhone, you can use FaceID/TouchID or your passcode.

Important point for Future Application Lock in iPhone:

If you want to change the applications you’ve locked, you can go to the Shortcuts app in the “Automation” tab and choose to add or deselect any application. If you want to delete the application lock from your iPhone, simply swipe right on the shortcut automation and press the delete button.

My Opinion:

In my opinion, this is the best way to implement an application lock on an iPhone. It’s easy, effective, and free. 

If you want a video tutorial, check out my YouTube video on how to lock apps on an iPhone using this method.

iPhone App With shortcuts app and timer method video tutorial

And remember, the screen time method doesn’t work anymore. If you want a video tutorial of application lock with screen time, check out my YouTube video.

iPhone app Lock with screen time method video tutorial

Cheers and see you soon!

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